Pacifique Niyonkuru, Policy Lead

Pacifique‘s role at AMDA entails assessing and advising on policy and regulations across the continent and coordinating AMDA’s advocacy efforts across the continent by managing and supporting AMDA’s national coordinators.

Pacifique Niyonkuru brings more than ten years of experience to AMDA from the telecoms and off-grid solar sectors, supporting multiple projects. He was among the MTN Group team that brought a mobile money launch in Rwanda in 2010.

In the renewable energy sector, he worked for Greenlight Planet (GLP) for five years. He led the company’s expansion efforts and supported the African Development Bank & CIZO program, which focused on rural electrification in Togo, Mozambique, and DRC. Pacifique led the GLP team that engaged in DRC Congo discussion on access to energy and formed an association of Solar Home System that aimed to streamline the government and donors’ needs.