New data confirms distributed energy minigrids  most reliable, affordable option for African governments seeking effective rural electrification and improved livelihoods, but lengthy and unpredictable approvals stymie growth 

The Africa Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA) is proud to publish the first edition of our annual Benchmarking Africa’s Minigrids report, which for the first time measures industry performance through a comprehensive dataset across 12 countries and 28 companies, encompassing market leaders and newcomers. The report confirms the essential role of minigrids in ensuring delivery of affordable, clean and reliable electricity to all Africans, and spotlighted both barriers to accelerated growth and ways to overcome them.

The report, produced together with Economic Consulting Associates (ECA) and Odyssey Energy Solutions, covers a 10-year period and focuses on important metrics such as installed and operating costs, financing, quality of service and regulatory approval times. It provides a previously absent methodology and transparency to track the fast-evolving minigrid sector.

Key Findings include:

  •  Minigrids outperform utilities on affordability
  •  Installed costs have dropped more than 60% since 2015
  • Minigrids offer significantly better service than the central grid
  • Regulations are stunting minigrid sector growth
  • Revenues per customer remain very low
  • Public funding is key to unlocking private capital

Learn more about AMDA recommendations in this Press release, Version Française disponible ici.

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Presentation of the Benchmarking Africa’s Minigrids report available here in English and here in French.

Watch the Virtual launch recordings in English here and in French here.

Executive summary can be downloaded in English here and in French here.






WHITE PAPER – Mini-Grids on the Trajectory of Rural Electrification in Africa

April 2018



WHITE PAPER – SMART RBF Policy Recommendation