AMDA is structured as a parent organization with country-level chapters. The Association is responsible for formulating high level principles and propagating them both upwards (to donors, supporters, investors, policymakers) and downwards (to chapters). The chapters are responsible for taking the principles and creating country-specific agendas around them.

The parent organization turns principles into activities, serving as an intermediary among funders, developers, and chapter coordinators. Country chapter organizations execute on chapter-specific agendas under the association framework, aligning themselves with existing local institutions in order to improve their local engagement and advocacy efforts.




The following criteria define qualifications for initial membership. A member shall:

  1. Be a for-profit company;
  2. Have developed and/or be operating at least one minigrid that complies with national regulatory standards & which provides at least 20 hours per day of energy access;
  3. Be actively operating or developing additional projects in Africa;
  4. Have equity or some non-concessional capital invested in its minigrid projects (i.e. is exposed to risk)
  5. Share anonymized data in order to contribute to AMDA’s mission
  6. Participate in AMDA working groups

The Association currently has Kenya, Tanzania & Zambia Chapters, with Pan-African expansion plans.

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