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We are an industry association representing private utilities developing small, renewable, localized power grids. We currently have 42 members across 19 African countries.

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What We Do


Policy &
Regulation Advisory

Collaborating with industry, policy-makers, government authorities, donors, and other stakeholders to advocate for optimal policies that will benefit the mini-grid sector and the people it serves. This includes ensuring Policy & Regulatory Frameworks are structured to end energy poverty in Africa by supporting policy and regulatory adoption/ modification in AMDA country chapters as well as influencing countries that have not established decentralized utility regulation and policy frameworks, setting up multi-stakeholder policy/regulatory Advisory Committees and task forces, promoting quality of power provision as a central part of least cost option for electrification, ensuring governments and donors are shifting subsidies from on grid electrification and non- renewable energy into minigrids and recognize publicly the role that utilities play in delivering quality electricity (geographic and quality limitations).

Energy Access
Finance Advisory

Serving as the voice of the Minigrid development industry in Africa to promote the growth and sustainable development of the mini-grid sector and act as a unified focal point for stakeholders to engage the sector and for capital deployment. This includes leading collaboration within Commercial and Concessional financiers to build debt facilities, building partnerships with financiers including commercial investors, providing guidance for Minigrid funding programs and ensuring universal electrification concessional financing matches the needs to reach SDG7.

Evidence and

Provide a platform that enables transparency in industry performance through comprehensive market data and analytics in order to establish, evaluate and promote key financial, business and policy solutions to overcoming the major barriers to the sector growth. This includes influencing governments and donors on the best investments for increased access to electricity, ensuring donor use of the data platform resource to understand the minigrid sector, promoting transparency on load growth & consumer behavior, and the understanding of bankability of off takers by donors and financiers, using it to inform investment, ensure the viability gap is understood, and finance and policy programming across the continent reflect the reality of the viability gap and the scale needed to reach Universal Electrification by 2030.