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We are an industry association representing private utilities developing small, renewable, localized power grids. We currently have 42 members across 19 African countries.

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Calls to Action

Open Letter - USD 35m of Additional Grant Funding Needed to Save a Decade of Energy Access Progress

The energy access sector has had a significant positive impact since its emergence more than a decade ago, with the support of more than USD 1 billion from donor partners. This funding built a market for energy access companies and the confidence in the industry unlocking commercial capital to continue to thrive. Now is the time to preserve this progress.

How you can support the Consumer Protection Principles

With the recognition that the mini-grid industry understands the value of consumer protection principles both for their business and to respect consumer rights in often poor and remote villages, the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), supported by the Africa Minigrid Developers Association (AMDA), Smart Power India (SPI), hereafter referred to as ‘the Partners’, and the funder of the initiative (Swedfund), have launched Consumer Protection Principles for Clean Energy Mini-Grids in October 2019.