Benchmarking Africa’s Minigrids 

The Benchmarking Africa’s Minigrids report measures for the first time industry performance through a comprehensive collection of data across 12 countries and 28 companies, encompassing market leaders and newcomers. The report confirmed the essential role of minigrids in ensuring delivery of affordable, clean and reliable electricity to all Africans, and spotlighted both barriers to accelerated growth and ways to overcome them.

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600 million people in Africa do not have any access to electricity. In order to end energy poverty more than 100 million new connections are needed. Decentralized Utility companies and Minigrids provide the least cost option for electrification for more than half of the unelectrified people in Africa. AMDA was created by developers and is supported by donors, governments and financiers to ensure that we reach the goal of universal electrification in the next 15 years.

Call to Action: The Decentralized Renewable Energy (DRE) Sector calls for USD 35m of Additional Grant Funding to Maintain a Decade of Progress on Energy Access 

AMDA has been playing a leading role in the fundraising efforts of key players in the DRE sector to raise a targeted concessionary debt fund to enable off-grid energy companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia to both maintain their customers’ existing energy services and retain the staff required to deliver future services to these customers. The target for the relief fund is to raise USD 100 million for smaller, younger, and overly leveraged businesses, however the first close is now foreseen at USD 50 million and we expect many AMDA members to be eligible.

By providing emergency capital to off-grid energy companies, the relief fund aims to protect a significant share of the progress already made toward achieving SDG7. By providing security for many of the industry’s up to 370,000 jobs, the relief fund will also increase the likelihood that the sector can continue to function and start growing again after the crisis.

A range of additional financial support mechanisms will still be required, beyond the emergency relief facility. We recognize that there is also a need to help smaller and locally-owned companies, as they play a crucial role in expanding energy access to underserved regions and countries.Key industry associations are continuously working on a parallel initiative to raise a fully-grant funded facility for smaller companies to access grants. At this point, it remains unclear in what form or on what timeline this can be realized, but we will keep you updated as we make progress. The open letter on why additional funding is urgently needed  French version