September 9, 2017


AMDA is currently seeking a Chief Executive Officer. Please refer to the job description below, posted September 8, 2017.


Africa Mini-grid Developers Association (AMDA)

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Location: East Africa preferred
Start: H2 2017
Annual Salary: Negotiable based on experience

AMDA Background

Purpose of Association
The purpose of the Association is to facilitate and support business environments to be suitable for the acceleration of a sustainable private sector for mini-grid systems in African markets. The Association aims to achieve this through:


  • Consultation with policy-making and regulatory bodies on directives and regulations that are relevant to the industry on national, regional and local levels
  • Supporting effective decision-making on “least-cost” approaches for energy access within the context of national electrification plans
  • Education of relevant stakeholders on how mini-grids can play an important role in national electrification plans
  • Working with members and other sector stakeholders to address conditions for, and barriers to, sustainable growth of the sector
  • Committing to building local economies by providing new employment and technology transfer opportunities


  • Acting as the voice of the industry, communicating with broad brushstrokes at continental level and more specificity at a national level
  • Marketing the unique opportunity offered by mini-grids in the global energy transition as a critical contributor to the achievement of national electrification and development goals
  • Attracting increased investment in African energy markets
  • Increasing opportunities for growth, innovation and career development in the mini-grid sector


  • Providing a platform for industry communications and information sharing
  • Providing a unified focal point through which funders, partners, and other stakeholders can engage with the sector

Please see the full AMDA Governance and Principles on this website.

Position Overview

AMDA’s CEO will organize all AMDA members and Chapter Coordinators to help drive AMDA’s mission of accelerating positive impact through reliable access to energy from mini-grids.

The CEO will sit on the AMDA board, and act on the resolutions voted on by the board to expand membership, formulate high level principles, coordinate actors, oversee qualitative and quantitative research, and manage policy advocates. The CEO will manage relations with donors, supporters, investors, and policymakers and ensure alignment and coordination between all AMDA chapters and partners.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • AMDA Management, Recruitment and Promotion
    • Outline membership criteria and design and implement recruitment strategy for new members
    • Support AMDA’s growth into new markets – ensure knowledge sharing between countries and a cohesive focus and messaging
    • Coordinate and work with members and other sector stakeholders to address conditions for, and barriers to, sustainable growth of the sector
    • Develop new partnerships to support mini-grid acceleration – play a facilitating role between various stakeholders to ensure the right partnerships develop
    • Liaise with governments to ensure the mini-grid sector view is considered in new regulatory decisions – be at the forefront of energy policy discussions
    • Provide a credible source of data/research for the sector, both external research and leveraging AMDA members’ anonymous data collection
    • Identify priority issues and ensure the sector is tackling the most catalytic challenges – focus in big wins
    • Be the public face of AMDA and the sector – participate on panels, speak at conferences and eventually organise events for the sector
    • Create and implement a robust communication strategy for AMDA
    • Plan for AMDA expansion – 3-year strategy, forecast, resource planning
    • Keep close relationship with AMDA members to ensure their views are constantly being reflected in AMDA’s work
    • Keep AMDA members updated with relevant insight, policy changes and news in the market
    • Responsible for fundraising and capital budgeting to ensure AMDA’s ongoing sustainability
  • Policy Advocacy and Influence
    • Coordinate and oversee mini-grid policy advocacy at the global and local level
    • Develop an advocacy platform to allow the developers to influence as “one voice”
    • Consult with policy-making and regulatory bodies on directives and regulations that are relevant to the industry across the continent
    • Link to additional sectors to find synergies and collaboration possibilities – SHS, National grid etc
  • Design a Policy Roadmap
    • Establish an initial research plan for the creation of a Universal Electrification Roadmap
    • Manage and coordinate ongoing work between members and partners participating in the Policy Roadmap Working Group
    • Hire contractor(s) and/or research partners viewed as credible by all stakeholders, and identify existing research which can be used
    • Share interim products with AMDA members and other stakeholders for feedback
    • Finalize research and publish selected white papers
    • Hold series of facilitated meetings of Roadmap workgroup and research contractor(s) to develop draft Vision, Goals and Strategies
    • Organize structured engagement with relevant stakeholders to share the views in the Roadmap regarding how mini-grids can play an important role in national electrification plans
    • Ensure that parallel sectors are also involved in the policy roadmap
    • Identify main threats mini-grids represent for the national grid and their investors and provide feedback on conducive policy for all sectors
  • Administration
    • Register AMDA as an entity and support in registering local chapters
    • Organize and chair quarterly board meetings
    • Assist with recruitment and hiring of staff as needed
    • Responsible for Budgeting/Tracking/Reporting on AMDA progress and financials

Skills & Qualifications


  • Background in the emerging markets energy sector, including an in-depth understanding of the challenges to expanding energy access, the players involved, and the position and needs of the private sector
  • High-energy individual with proven dedication to AMDA’s mission of affordable, reliable, and sustainable power for all Africans, and the private sector’s role in achieving it
  • Strong communication skills and track record of successful stakeholder engagement
  • Strong management and coordination skills
  • Ability to move quickly and adapt focus/services in response to government policies and regulation


  • Currently based in sub-Saharan Africa preferred (Nairobi)
  • Private sector background and/or experience in leadership of early-stage organizations
  • Experience working with relevant government entities (e.g. REA, Ministry of Energy)

The Shell Foundation has committed funding for the right high-performing individual to become AMDA CEO for the next 3 years, to ensure job security.